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    Ameurasiart -
    Featuring Japanese and Chinese swords, and other items of interest to collectors of orientilia.

    Aoi Art -
    Offers antique swords and fittings, armor, and ceramics.

    Asahi Japan Collectibles -
    Offers goods such as kimono, Ukiyo-e art, Japanese dolls, woodblock prints, and more.

    Bald Mountain Trading Company -
    Hand crafted Asian good. PRoducts include hanko/chops, sumi-e painting, and calligraphy. Accepts checks and Paypal.

    Barrett Custom Knives -
    Custom bladesmith Rick Barrett specializes in Japanese style swords, katanas, and fittings. Located in Goshen, Indiana and deals with customers worldwide.

    Blade Fittings -
    Custom made tsuba and other blade fittings by Pat Hastings. Site has a picture gallery of products and ordering information.

    Bogu-ya Kendo Equipment -
    Japanese supplier of handcrafted kendo bogu (armor and uniforms).

    BoguBag -
    Supplier of equipment for martial arts practice, specialing in kendo and iaido gear. USA agent for Koei Budogu Company, Ltd.

    Bugei Trading Company -
    Products from the feudal era of the Samurai, including Japanese swords, calligraphy supplies, and instructional videos.

    By the Blade -
    Offers a line martial arts swords and armor including ninja, samurai, tai chi, and cane swords.

    Results 1 - 10 of 49 Page 1 ==> NEXT 1 2 3 4 5
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